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Eating healthy is hard to do, and with the proliferation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMOs it’s only getting harder.

I was fortunate growing up on a farm. We had a dairy until I was about 12, so we drank raw milk by the gallons and butchered a steer every fall that filled the freezer. We had a large garden and my mother bottled peaches, pears, tomato soup, green beans, jam, pie filling, chokecherry syrup and so much more. In the summer we could eat for days on only the food we had grown ourselves.

When I moved out of the house and went to college in another state I quickly realized how privileged I had been growing up. I no longer had a garden, my mom’s bottles of food in the pantry, or even enough freezer space to keep a few pounds of beef from my dad (6 guys, 1 fridge, enough said). Soon enough I was eating prepackaged foods and fast food far more often than I wanted. I decided I needed a change.

One of the changes I made was to start growing a container garden. My apartment managers were pretty cool, so they didn’t mind the tomato plant, onions & peppers sitting next to the front steps. I just had to keep them off the lawn lest the lawn mowers handle them roughly (or weed whack anything too close to the edge of the lawn, true story). That helped contribute a few fresh vegetables to my diet and I had more freezer space with fewer roommates. It wasn’t anything amazing, but it helped.

The main problem has been my snacking habit & sweet tooth. I love sugary treats. My favorite donut is a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. I wash it down with chocolate milk if I can. I love cookies and milk. I could eat an entire pan of Rice Krispies in a day. So bringing some healthy options to my snacking has been a major point of emphasis. Enter grass fed beef jerky.

There are 3 main reasons I’ve added grass fed beef jerky to my diet:

  • Protein – I feel more full and my energy levels are more consistent.
  • Activity – While my wife may think gnawing on jerky is unattractive, I find the mechanical action of chewing helps me “feel” like I’m eating more than I do. Weird? Maybe. But I can handle it.
  • Flavor – Jerky is delicious AND you can get it in all kinds of flavors.

So, here we are, at GrassFedBeefJerky.com. I write about the health benefits of grass fed beef, different producers, and even review jerky for you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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